WHAt WE Believe 

We are a Reformed Baptist Church that is a part of the Southern Baptist Convention. The name of our church is an indication of several important tenants of our faith. The word Church affirms that we are an assembly of those who have been called out of darkness into the light of God’s Kingdom. We are an assembly of the redeemed. Christ is King indicates that as a church we recognize Christ and Christ alone as the Lord and Head of His church. Baptist indicates that we hold to baptistic principles including Believers Baptism by immersion. Reformed indicates that we hold to key doctrines that were affirmed and popularized during the Reformation such as the five solas and the five points of Calvinism, also known as the Doctrines of Grace, or simply by the acronym TULIP. These biblical doctrines make much of God and very little of man and emphasize the sovereignty of God in salvation. As a Reformed Baptist Church we hold to the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith, which can be accessed below. 


Core Values

As a church we exist to glorify God by functioning as He has designed and by fulfilling the unique ministries the Lord has given to the local church. The goals of our church are evangelization, edification, and exaltation. We seek to evangelize the lost by bringing the gospel to them, to edify the saints through the ministry of the word and the employment of our spiritual gifts in service to one another, and to exalt and glorify God through worship and obedience. The goal of all that we do as a church is the glory of God. Below these core values are presented in more detail.

1. Exaltation: Exalt the Lord


A. Through personal communion with God in the word and prayer


B. By participating in the public worship of God with the saints on the Lord’s Day


C. By engaging in regular family worship


D. By seeking to offer the whole of our lives as worship to God 




2. Evangelization: Evangelize the Lost


A. By preaching the gospel


B. By making disciples


C. By planting churches, both locally and abroad




3. Edification: Edify the Saints


A. By using our spiritual gifts to serve one another


B. By engaging in discipling relationships


C. By engaging in hospitality, community, and fellowship


D. By praying for one another

Mission Statement

Our mission is to glorify God by evangelizing the lost, discipling the saved, preaching the word, equipping the saints, and serving our neighbors all by the grace of God and in the power of the Holy Spirit. The intended results are the salvation of sinners, the sanctification and maturity of the saints, and the spiritual and numerical growth of both our local church and the universal church, all to the glory of God.