Expository PreachingWe are committed to preaching consecutively through books of the Bible verse by verse. What we need to hear are the thoughts of God and not the thoughts of men. We need God’s truth not man’s opinion. We need God’s word and not man’s ingenuity. For Sunday School we go back and forth between important biblical topics and expositions of Old Testament books. For our service we work our way verse by verse through New Testament books. The goal is to give the church the full counsel of God. 


Relational DiscipleshipWe are committed to creating and cultivating a culture of discipleship in which the members are engaging in discipling relationships. We seek to be disciples that make disciples. This may happen in a one-on-one setting or a small discipleship group of three to four people. It may consist of working through books of the Bible, reading a Christian book, or using a discipleship manual or curriculum. The goal is that every member would be engaged in relationships with other believers in which together they pursue Christlikeness.  


Bold EvangelismWe are committed to carrying out the Great Commission by preaching the gospel in a variety of ways and settings, including: Open-air peaching, tract distribution, one-to-one conversations, door to door outreach, and sharing the gospel with our neighbors, friends, family members and co-workers. The goal is that evangelism would be a lifestyle and not merely an event and that we would be faithful to proclaim the gospel to all of those the Lord providently brings into our lives. 


Theologically Sound SingingWe are committed to signing biblically rich songs that are consistent with our theology, teach biblical truth, and express genuine worship to our triune God. We normally sing hymns out of The Baptist Hymnal and at times sing more modern songs by groups like Sovereign Grace Music. The goal is that our singing would be faithful to Scripture, honoring to God, and edifying for the members.  


God-centered WorshipWe are committed to worshiping the Lord with reverence in a way that is consistent with His revealed word. This means that our services are not ultimately about us but about God. The elements of our worship are not up for us to decide but they are fixed by God in His word. God is the one who regulates the worship of Himself and not man. Our worship includes praying the word, hearing the word, preaching the word, reading the word, singing the word, and observing the ordinances of the Lord’s Supper and Baptism. Since God reveals Himself through His word, the word of God is central to our worship.