The New Testament frequently emphasizes the importance of fellowship and hospitality. The members of the early church would eat meals together daily (Acts 2:46) and they were devoted to fellowship (Acts 2:42). We are commanded in Scripture to be hospitable (Rom. 12:13). In fact, one of the best ways we can minister our spiritual gifts to one another is to be hospitable. And therefore, as a church we seek to cultivate a culture of hospitality.


How can you get involved? Stick around after the service for a time of fellowship and snacks. Be sure to stay for the fellowship meal on the third Sunday of the month. Invite others to your home for a meal. Take others up on their offer when they invite you over. Perhaps you could set aside one day a week or a month for hospitality. You can invite a different family, or couple, or individual over each week or month. This will give you the opportunity to get to know others in the church, serve and be served, and grow in grace together. It’s not enough to merely show up on Sundays. The church is a family and we are to love one another with a brotherly love (Rom. 12:10). And that means we should long to be with one another (Rom. 1:11).