Jamie Terry - Pastor

Jamie Terry has served as the pastor of Christ is King Baptist Church since November of 2019. He is from Nashville, Tennessee, though he currently resides in Nedrow, New York with his wife Jessica and their two children Jdot and Khloe. Jamie lived most of his life as a false convert, and then by the grace of God in 2011 he heard the gospel though Paul Washer’s “Shocking Youth Message”. He realized that day that he was a bad tree bearing bad fruit, and that though he said to Jesus “Lord, Lord,” he had never come to know Him. For the first time in his life Jamie heard a clear presentation of the gospel and saw the glory of Christ. His sin became nothing but dung compared to the glory of the Son of God, and by God’s grace he ran from his sin to Christ and found Him to be the perfect Savior. That day the Lord radically transformed Jamie’s life, and since then he has grown in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, seeking to gaze more and more at His glory every day.


Right after his conversion Jamie had a burning desire to share the glorious gospel that he had come to know with everyone. A few months after his conversion, while reading about Phillip proclaiming Christ to the crowds in Acts chapter eight, Jamie began to feel the call to open-air preach, and he knew that this was precisely what the Lord was calling him to do. Shortly after that day Jamie began doing one-to-one evangelism at parks and a few years later he began open-air preaching. After serving the Lord as an evangelist and open-air preacher for a few years Jamie began to feel the call towards pastoral ministry. In 2018 he began to take classes online through Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary and in 2020 he graduated with a Diploma of Pastoral Studies.


Jamie is now currently serving the Lord as the pastor-teacher of Christ is King Baptist Church. He has a certificate in Biblical Studies from Liberty University, a Diploma of Pastoral Studies from CBTS, and plans to soon begin working towards his M-Div. Jamie is passionate about fulfilling the Great Commission through evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. He enjoys reading, hiking, spending time with his family, and watching sports. Jamie’s prayer is that in all that he does God would be glorified in the name of His eternal Son Jesus Christ.


Keith Sherwood - Deacon

I began my life living in the Split Rock area, and attending a small Methodist Church in Onondaga Hill. It was there in that church that I met Diane, and later on October 15th, 1966, we were married. It was there also that our three sons, (Curtis, Eric and Mark) were baptized. I continued to attend church and saw it as a responsibility and obligation and not much more.


In 1976, Diane became interested in a movement called Marriage Encounter. It was a weekend designed to increase communication between a husband and a wife and a good marriage. Because being our 10th wedding anniversary, I agreed to attend, not expecting much. On Sunday morning of that weekend, during an alone time, the Lord made Himself known to me. My past sins overwhelmed me and I asked for His forgiveness. It was then the Holy Spirit came into my heart. I was forever changed. The Lord has moved mightily in my life since then. Diane and I were very introverted and shy people, yet he moved us to begin sharing our lives on Marriage Encounter weekends.


Our relationship with each other became very close as did our relationship with God. He moved in our church also and brought us many Bible believing Pastors. Our church changed as well. We continued to present Marriage Encounter Weekends for about 30 years and saw His work change many lives. Much to our disappointment our church closed in 2012. The Lord led us to Christ is King Baptist Church and a new chapter in our lives began. He again used us in the church to spread the gospel and change lives. On May 14, 2019, I lost Diane my love, of 52 years to liver cancer. A part of me went with her. I continue to seek His will in my life and will until I leave this world.