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10:30AM - Worship Service


7:00PM - Prayer Meeting

What to Expect

If you are to attend a service at Christ is King Baptist Church what should you expect? You will be warmly greeted by a group of redeemed sinners who will be thrilled to have you as our guest. There is no dress code. Some people wear suites some people wear jeans and a t-shirt. The only requirement is modesty. We are committed to the word of God and hold a high view of Scripture. We sing hymns that contain sound theology. You can expect to hear a Scripture reading from both the Old and New Testaments. Each week our pastor will preach an expository sermon from the Bible. We work our way through books of the Bible verse by verse and are currently going through the book of Colossians. We also take the Lord’s Supper each week and have a fellowship meal together on the third Sunday of the month after service. We would love to have you as our guest. If you have any questions you can find some contact information below.